Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been sick the last two days. My head hurts, I've had fever (I'm still warm), and I've had absolutely no energy. My throat hurts a little now. I don't think it's the swine flu, because I haven't been that bad, but it's annoying.I missed two days of school, but that's ok.

The Muse concert was fantastic!

I ate way to much yesterday. I don't even know how many calories, but I think it was about 900. Crap. Well, this day has been a lot better. I ate a small crisp bread for breakfast, and two cherry tomatoes. I had oatmeal porridge for lunch, and a clementine between lunch and dinner. I ate a chicken and some vegetables for dinner. That's about 450 calories.

I broke a nail two hours ago :( I kind of like my nails, and they are usually one of the very few parts of myself that I don't hate.

It looks horrible, and it's going to take weeks for it to grow out again. It is so weird to touch things now, because my fingertip (parts of it at least) is usually protected by my nail. My finger looks short and fat now. I didn't remove my old nail polish, so that's why my nail has two colours in the picture.


  1. Ouch! It looks sore :(, hope you have a better day tomorrow! xx

  2. I look bad! But it will grow back to normal...
    Stay strong.