Thursday, October 15, 2009


I haven't really wanted any food the last days. I've been hungry, but I haven't needed to "fight" against the urge to eat. Been at around 500 calories a day. I've even had my period this week, and I usually eat lots of food then. Well, I like this much better! I haven't been able to weight myself, though. The scale is in the other bathroom, and I want to weight myself naked in the morning before I eat anything, but it would only seem very suspicious if I did, because I have a small bathroom myself (without a scale)... Sounds weird, I know.

I keep track of everything I eat in excel, so now I can go back and see what I ate 20 weeks ago. Wow, some days have been really terrible, haha. I think it's a great way to control your intake, because you get so very attentive to what you eat, and I want my weeks to look good. You should try if you don't do something similar :)


  1. You're doing really good! :]

    That's a smart idea.. I should try that.

    Stay strong. <3

  2. Yeah. I need to get back to writing in my food journal. Maybe that's what happened to me that i lost my control so badly for a while. Definately have to get back to doing that. Stay strong, sweetheart.