Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back from holiday

I'm back from my holiday. It was lovely, the weather was mostly fine and I had loads of fun. I had to eat though, because I was with my family and a friend, and they would have reacted if I didn't eat. It sucks, but I will hopefully be able to loose whatever I have gained.

My knee is better, I can walk a little now (without crutches), but I'm not allowed to e.g. walk around at a shopping center for hours. I cannot walk to school either, even though it only (normally) takes me 15 minutes. Well, I'm at least getting better! And this injury is the perfect excuse for not drinking! Don't misunderstand me, I actually really like drinking and getting drunk, but it's way too many calories in alcohol, and as I have to be very careful when I walk so I cannot drink. This is a perfect excuse not to go to the parties I don't want to, too. Yay. I bought a new dress, and it's really lovely, but it's a tight fit so I it would be nice to loose some fat before I use it.

I really look like a fat cow now. I feel soo fat! I need to be skinny, I need to feel better. I don't deserve to eat. I want to be really skinny to my 18th birthday in the end of November. That's my goal right now. And after that is Christmas... I don't like Christmas. It's way too stressful, the food is fatty, there are sweets everywhere, and I have to eat dinner with my family all the time. I love that I'm always so optimistic *irony*.

Anonymous: Sorry for at jeg svarer så sent ^^; Så kult! Har du ståplass? Jeg har ikke det dessverre, men det er tross alt bedre å se dem live enn å gå glipp av det! Ja, den nye CDen eier. Du har også et problematisk forhold til mat (antar det siden du er her)? Du må gjerne sende med mail hvis du har behov for å snakke (tynnhet æt hotmail dot com), det hadde vært hyggelig med en norsk å snakke med (lag gjerne en anonym adresse ^^). :)


  1. I was just thinking about where you had gone!? I'm glad you're healing up! You'll get back down too :) keep posting! Glad you're back

  2. You're finally back! I missed you. Stay strong, hunny. Once you're healed, you'll be able to get so skinny. I just know it!

  3. My Birthday is at the end of November too (the 18th) and we've got similar goals cuz I'm freaking out at the thought of being my CW on my birthday.
    But 18 is the big one :D so don't let something so trivial ruin it for you. Happy early Birthday, dear! And I hope you get allll the presents you want.


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