Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two great days

The two last days have been almost perfect when it comes to food! I've eaten less than 500 calories both days, and it makes me very happy. I feel like I have so much energy!
The weekend wasn't too bad either. My sister ate way more than me, I only had a very small piece of cake to show people that I'm perfectly normal. It's nothing wrong with not wanting to eat big amounds of unhealthy food, but some people seems to think so.
My friends talked about this friend of mine who might be anorectic, and they all thought it was so wierd that she only eats superhealthy food. They however, eat unhealthy food every day. Well, they still think I'm normal, I think... I hope so. It's always awkward when they talk about her eating habits, and I've had to lie to them about what I eat. They don't need to know that i eat "too little".

Love you all <3


  1. Good job girl, that's awesome!

    Yeah I really don't understand how when someone just wants a small portion of cake that people suddenly freak out. Our society is just super warped on portion size.

  2. sounds like you're doing great! I don't think there is a "normal" food intake. We're either a bunch of ED people, or over eat.

    stay strong!

  3. You're doing great, love. :]

    You either eat too much, or too less. It's dumb.

  4. youre doing sooo good! you are going to be my thinspiration for the day :) ahhh i love new moon. hahah i went and saw a movie yesterday and the preview for it came on and i almost had a heart attack. i cannot wait! i just hate that smell of popcorn at the movies! yummmy but sooo bad. stay strong dear!