Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yup, that's the amount of calories I've consumed today. Not too bad.

I think that a friend of mine has an ED, because I haven't seen her eating at school for a very long time (and she used to eat at school before). I know she's jogging several times a week, and that she only eat healthy food. She's pretty thin too. It was two other friends of mine who made me think of it. Well, it seems like they don't think that I've got an ED, and that's perfect! I hate it when we start to talk about eating and stuff, because I have to be so very careful to not reveal anything.

I have to go to a family birthday this weekend. Cake, ice cream, much food and snacks is always a part of those family birthdays. My goal is to eat less than my sister (she's thin!), and keep it to an absolute minimum.

Yay, I feel very motivated to lose weight right now.


  1. yay! keep it up. i hope things are going okay for you. I've missed you

  2. I wonder why family always has to involve bad food in a way to large amount! I wish you luck resisting that food. You can do it!
    Keep strong.