Saturday, October 17, 2009

Am I good or bad?

Definitely bad at restricting. I ate 45g of KitKat. So the total intake of calories today is about 780. Yuck. I cannot have more than 500 tomorrow.
And I don't understand how I can be this fat, even though I weigh 45kg. I know people who weigh much more than me, but they are still much thinner. My BMI (17.4) puts me in the category "underweight", but hello, I'm nothing near thin.

I love this song, but at the same time it makes me depressed. But it's still beautiful.

I'm a bit depressed now, so I think I should go to bed. I cannot eat anything more, so my bed is the only safe place. Maybe I could get some sleep tonight, I haven't slept much the last week, and I'm soo tired right now. I have a feeling that I would start to cry as soon as I go to bed, though. Aw, but I probably feel a lot better tomorrow :)


  1. You're doing fine hun. feel better. hope you get lots of sleep

  2. keep up the good work,,,we all get down a bit..but your akmost there