Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, I haven't been posting much lately due to my injury, and I've just felt too depressed lately. I've damaged one ligament (?) that holds the knee cap in place, but it's not completely tore so it will grow togeter again (sorry, I have no idea how to describe it in English). The doctor told me I can start to use my leg a little bit now, and I will hopefully be able to walk a little before the autumn break (it's just 10 days left). I'm going to Spain, so I really hope I can walk!
I'm going to physiotherapy tomorrow, so I will probably get some more information then. Oh, and I found out that the way my knees are "designed" makes this happend easier. Hurray!

This injury is making me soo depressed. Last night I cried for like two hours before I could sleep. I'm so afraid that my knee won't be completely healed, and I know I've put on weight, I missed a consert because of it (and this was the band's last concert for at least two years), and I will maybe have to bring crutches to Spain.

Sorry, I'm whining too much.

I got Muse's new album (The Resistance) yesterday. I love it, but my favorite is still Origin of Symmetry. I'm going to see Muse in October and I'm really looking forward to it!

I know I was going to write more, but I completely forgot what it was about :P

Anas' Girl: Thanks, yeah, I tried to use that excuse as often as I could

heebeejebus!: Yeah, you're right. My first priority right now is to get better!

Olivia*Obsessed: That sounds horrible! I'm very glad I don't need a surgery, and that I'm able to take a shower myself (but it is difficult!). Thanks, I'm doing my best to get well.

Stick Thin: :O It sound painful. I would feel totally lost if that happened to me. Yeah, I'll have to wait with activities like dancing, running, walking in rugged terrain (?) until my knee is fully healed. The doctor told me to wait at lest six weeks.

morg-ana: I hope I won't :) I felt so sorry for myself the first days, so I ate a lot then, but now I try to eat little and healty.

Sottile: Wow, that must have been terrible! I wish I would get a big gap between my legs!

Le faim: Yeah :(


  1. I'm hoping you get better soon! Unless you're a lazy ass couch potato, nobody wants to be semi immobilized for any period of time. I, personally, can't sit for more than 30 minutes at a time without being in pain/ancy/bored. Even while reading everyone's blog and what not, I take frequent breaks. Hopefully you can stay as active as possible while healing, without hurting yourself further. As long as you follow what the doctor's say, you knee can be just as good as it was. And the weight will go away once you're fully active again, no worries! Get better soon!

  2. You did a fine job of describing it in english. You have every right to whine, hunny. I'd be depressed too. I'll send up a prayer that you're knee heals up completely and quickly. Much love.

  3. get better!!! i never ha an injury like that but cheer uppp


  4. ahh that sucks!! get better soon!!!

  5. Hei Hei, sorry for at jeg ikke svarte på den siste xD fant ikke bloggen.. Uansett, bor i Oslo jeg også, skal også på Muse btw. Elsker den nye CD-en!!:D