Saturday, August 8, 2009


I ate 4 pizza slices. Thats 378 calories. I have eaten 621 calories today, and that's not too bad actually, but I din't really need more than 2 slices of pizza. I normally eat 500-700 calories every day. I wish I could eat 300 or something, but I just end up bingeing , so I'm eating a bit more instead.

I'm not going to eat anything more today, maby I will have a cup of tea, but that's only 1 calorie anyway.

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  1. try eating like 700 for 3 days. then 600 for 3 days. then 500 for 3 days... and so on. that way you ween yourself off so many calories instead of just cutting it in half out of the blue. and of course, exercise. even if it's just going for a walk.

    and it's hard, but the key is control. you can do it