Monday, August 10, 2009

[insert a cool title here]

Wow, thanks for the support! You are so kind, and I din't really expect to get that much attention :P Wow, and thank you, xthinforever! That was so kind of you =)

Ok, so I'm just answering everyone here instead of writing to every one of you.

Ana's Girl: Thanks! Aw, that sucks, and it will probably seem a bit suspicious if you ask her about buying one all the time.

Le faim: Thanks, but I'm seriously not that thin...

heather[hunger]: I would guess so. I mean, it's America, you have so many other things, so I would believe you have crispbreads too. I eat those form Wasa and Ryvita. Well, it's actually kind of pretty here, we have all these fjords and mountains, but I don't like the weather. And it's boring here. I live in the biggest city, but we're still only about 579 000 inhabitants. But the tap water tastes good! Haha, I don't really like the bottled water.

Stick Thin: Yeah, and it was all just so confusing. The other blog was written in Norwegian, so "sadly" I didn't experience any of that, but I already feel as home here. Thank you :)

pokerface: You're welcome :) Oh, thanks. I hope it will continue to improve as I write more. Yeah, I think she starts to get a little suspicious, so I will just pretend I eat more. It's very annoying, though. Thanks!

Aspartame Freak: Oh, that's nice! :)

I've eaten about 480 calories today. I'm so glad my family normally eat quite healthy dinners. It makes the job a lot easier for me. We ate salmon and salad (green salad, tomato, paprika, cucumber and corn) today, so took a piece of salmon and just filled up the rest of the plate with salad, so that it would look like I ate a lot.


  1. Good job with staying so low today! : D
    Stay Strong <3

  2. oh that is so much help when your family eats well too! salmon is SO good for you. (in moderation of course!) and large salad. YUMMY! that is like the ideal dinner.

    and you are so welcome on putting you up on my post, i know what its like being alone in the blogosphere. we are all in the same boat, so its best we band together. =) i see you got TEN followers in one day! WOO! you'll get the support you need to get where you want here <3

  3. Awesome job keeping the Calorie count down. I'm jealous of your healthy-eating family. Lol. Stay strong, lovely.

  4. hi dear!
    thanks for following :)
    i was reading your posst and you might just be my new inspiration!! good luck with your weight loss and stay strong, you are doing so great dont let something petty like a cupcake slip you up!

  5. Mexico, actually.
    Im not a huge Radiohead fan, but The Bends is a song I really like.

    Norway *o*
    Home of the legendary Black Metal Mafia.
    Must love it.

  6. hey, welcome!! u are tiny!! u must post some pics? im lizzy by the way, lookn forward to reading ur posts

  7. haha! yay for good water!!
    yeah where i live is boring too there is absolutely no culture :/
    everyone is like exactly the same.
    except me :) im gonna be different one day :)
    i love salad :D