Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ok, so I had another blog at livejournal, but livejournal isn't working right now, and I din't like livejournal  anyway.
So, I'm a 17 years old girl from Norway.  I would really like to become skinny, so I'm doing my best.


1,61 m (5'3)
CW: 46kg (101.4)
HW: 52kg (112.4)
GW: 40kg (88)

Aw, and I wish my scale showed weight in pounds, not kg. It isn't even digital, and my mom won't buy a new one, because "We don't use it that much anyway"...

And I'll do my best, but I know that my english isn't perfect :( Feel free to correct my mistakes.


  1. I just started reading your blog and its great so far :) I want a digital scale too, our one only works depending on the weather. I always have too fix it! Good luck and I hope you reach your goals :) xo

  2. Hey there - I just started blogging. About 15 minutes ago, actually.
    In anycase, my stats are EXACTLY the same as yours. 5'3, 46kg. I'm finding it hard to lose weight now that my body is getting close to the 'underweight' BMI. I have to eat way less, and excersise more.
    How quickly do you lose weight? I find that I can lose weight easily if I'm over 46kg's, but I can't seem to get lower than that.