Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back on track

I feel so much better now, as I'm back on track! This far I've eaten:
Breakfast: A glass of orangejuice, two cherry tomatoes (about 80 cal)
Lunsh: An apple (about 50 cal)
After school: A small grape fruit ( 80 cal) and a cup og ice coffe (30 cal)

And we'll have chicken filet and salad for dinner, so I think this will be a pretty good day.

I've been thinking about making muffins the last days. Muffins without sugar and fat. I've found a recipe with bananas, blueberries, an egg, skimmed milk and whole-grain flour. It will be about 12 small muffins with 80 calories each, and when I really want something unhealty, I can eat one of them instead (I'll keep them in the freezer). Maybe I'll make some for my grandma as well, she has diabetes (type 2), and she forgets to eat all the time (she has dementia too), so maybe she would eat them as they are more tempting than bread.

And, you should all check out Sottile! She is new here. She is a vet-student, and seems to be very determined to loose weight :)

Oh, and I nearly forgot to say that people have been trying to make me go to this party tonight, and I really wanted to go, but I couldn't. It's too many calories in alcohol. I know I would end up drinking. They kept asking me why I couldn't come and told me they would love to have me there, but I resisted (told them I had to do homework)! Yes!


  1. you are doing good!! Go Girl!!!

  2. Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up. Those muffins sound like a really good idea, healthy unhealthiness. Lol. And you're such a sweetie for wanting to make them for your grandma too :)

  3. Yay for healthy muffins! You'll need to post the link to that recipe or something cause that would be a perfect snack food when I really want to binge. And like Ana's Girl said, that's soo nice of you to think of your grandma!

    Oh, and thanks so much for the comment, I'm not sure if I have tea but I'll try and get my mom to buy some!

  4. Oops forget about the tea part haha, but still thank you soo much for the comment (:

  5. Definitely post the link for the recipe. It would be excellent for filling your stomach at such a low cal. And that would be a really sweet thing to do for your grandma. Sound like you had a great day :) Keep it up!! Way to go on resisting the party and alcohol.