Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's snowing outside. Most of it melts, but there's a thin layer of snow on the grass and the roofs. I'm not very found of snow, but it's a bit cosy to sit here and watch it. I'm not at school today. I just didn't feel like going to school. I'm going to exercise instead (walk for at least an hour and do some strength training).

I'm going to celebrate my birthday next weekend (with family), and my mum is going to bake a chocolate cake and we're also going to have a marzipan cake. And probably some other unhealthy things such as ice cream, chocolate and chips. Why?

I'm going to celebrate my birthday at least three times (different parts of family, and with friends) so I'm probably going to eat a lot af cake. I wish I was strong enough to resist, but I have to eat some anyway because it's my birthday.


  1. Happy almost birthday! I wish I could give you some pointers on avoiding birthday cake, but I have never come up with any either. It's almost something you can't refuse, unless you are ill the day of your birthday. Just take a small piece and savor it. Good luck and stay strong!


  2. Hello, I have just finished reading through your blog. I really like it, whenever you feel out of control or sad or need someone to lean on, you should know I'm always here. I wish I weighed in the 40kg's like you do :(
    Take care.

  3. Here snows too. :D

  4. What I often do is get teensy piece of cake, and a scoop of non-fat sugar free ice cream. That way, it looks (and feels) like you're eating a lot of dessert, but its not got the same impact

    SNOW!!! its hot here. So I'm jealous.

  5. Here's a trick for that cake that i learned...somewhere. Don't remember where. Lol. But if you scrape off the icing, saying that it's too sweet or too much icing or something (lots of "normal" people do that too), just scrape off a bit of the cake with it. You'll still have to eat the cake you left, but you won't be eating as much.

  6. Gratulerer med dagen!

    Happy birthday! (haha that's what I said above right? It's been a long time since I've used norsk... ah!)
    Anyway I just started following you (hi!), and I wish you good luck for you birthday.
    I agree with the lovely ladies above, you will probably have to eat some cake. I feel like celebrating it so many times with different people can also be an excuse to at least take smaller portions.
    ex. "I had cake and icecream yesterday, but this looks so good that I'll just have a little piece..."
    That way you get to eat little bites, and people don't think "oh that's strange that she's not eating or only eating a little.."
    Also: it's your birthday!! What you want goes and it'll be awesome :)

  7. Heey, birthday cake have no calories, remember ;D It's totally okay if you have a piece of cake, but don't lose control.